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Integrated multichannel solutions for health and life science companies to better engage with healthcare professionals


Who we are

Aptus Health International partners with life science and pharmaceutical companies to create and deploy innovative digital communication programmes that engage with healthcare professionals to impact behaviour at scale.

We have a deep understanding of the wants, needs, questions and concerns of over four million healthcare professionals in 91 countries. We know what they read, we know what they search for – and we know these things in order of priority. So, we can also help our customers define their strategy.

All our offers and solutions build upon our tested and proven expertise in content structuring, copywriting, layout & design, and digital communication methods and best practices.

Thus, we empower our customers to engage more closely and more intimately with healthcare professionals.

1,5 million

international HCPs


digital interactions/day

173,7 million

emails sent/year

26,5 million

emails opened/year

How we are

Digital HCP journey

With a wide array of high-value digital solutions, we shape and operate powerful digital interventions that create emotional connections with brands, to help change HCP behaviour.

We operate end-to-end, taking great pride in making things simple: we manage each step and channel in the project timeline from first insights to final outcomes.

Based on our proprietary insights, we constantly innovate and update content to create digital experiences that HCPs use and value.

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