How we get our insights For more than 10 years, we have managed the world’s leading HCP engagement platform with more than 4 million HCPs in 91 countries and 17 languages. Our network is a trusted and unbiased platform with a broad range of medical resources in the HCPs’ own language, designed to fit their busy schedules, resulting in unprecedented levels of engagement that provide unique insights into HCP behaviours, needs, habits and preferences. Our HCP engagement platform by the numbers 4 MM registered HCPs globally 91 countries covered and 17 languages Declared the preferred online medical resource by over over 70% of our users The leading online resource in EU for HCPs, with medical videos validated by external research Highly perceived by HCPs (cSat >8, NPS >40) In partnerships with prestigious medical publishers and academic partners (NEJM, ASCO, JAMA, LANCET, etc.) 4000+ pieces of content published monthly across the global network 2000+ KOLs presentations in online education modules How we engage HCPs Stay up to date with clinical essentials HCPs get the latest clinical results, screened daily and independently selected in a variety of therapeutic areas. Relevant promotional content can be served alongside this news stream, delivered in targeted emails, or published as native content. Access useful resources at point of care A large database of standard reference materials, guidelines, resources and databases are available to HCPs for efficient consultation. New indications or approvals can be pushed out to the HCPs through promotional or educational channels. Continually learn Regularly published expert presentations, case studies and quiz questions help HCPs stay up to date in their respective fields. Education modules and quizzes can be sponsored to both educate and deliver key product information.