How we create solutions Strategy consulting Our MCM/digital strategy and management consulting experts leverage a ‘real-life know-how’ to help define your strategy. MCM Brand planning Let us help position your brand and engage with your audiences in a seamless way in light of evidence based on day to day interactions with millions of registered, verified HCPs. MCM/Digital Capabilities With a clear blueprint of your digital and MCM capabilities and a roadmap for success, we create strategies that work. Commercial Models We help you innovate and transform, with an emphasis on designing new digital products and solutions. Multichannel Engagement Solutions We carry out all aspects of our integrated campaigns to ensure the optimal balance of information and the achievement of your goals. Content & Design Medical, copywriting, creative and UX experts produce programmes based on best practices in content structuring and digital communications. Digital native content and creative services are an integrated element of everything we do, reducing the need to manage multiple vendors. Multichannel programs From global development to local implementation, we plan, create, execute and adapt scalable solutions to best meet your goals. We analyse all potential channels in order to take advantage of the most effective means to get HCPs to see and act upon your key messages. Reach We have a deep understanding of the wants, needs, questions and concerns of over four million healthcare professionals in 91 countries. By knowing what they read, what they search for, and what their priorities are, we can create programmes that work and guarantee specific levels of engagement. Analytics Cross-campaign reporting measures the combined impact with comprehensive analytics on reach, engagement impacts and sales lift (for promotional programs). Different kinds of programs Multichannel strategy & planning Older products reaching end of life cycle Pre-launch market prep Launch campaigns Dealing with generic competition Increasing share of voice Adding a promotional tone to medical or educational content Balancing promotional and educational content Promotional campaigns in 8 EU markets and Canada What products we offer Native implementation within our HCP ecosystem Unbranded or branded sponsored articles Unbranded or branded sponsored questions Unbranded or branded sponsored education Unbranded sponsored topics Unbranded or branded InRead video Branded ad hoc newsletters Display advertising HCP platform login Engaging via the reach of our HCP platform Standalone emails Self-directed eDetail aids and eMedical education Mini-sites and product sites Webcasts and web conferences Integration with existing platforms